EDITORIAL: Help for downtown

The Christmas shopping season may not be the best time to point out the increasing challenge that businesses, particularly those of the retail variety, face to make a decent living along Main Street. But then again, it may be a most appropriate time. Rather than flail the citizenry with another “shop at home” editorial that so often attempts-and fails-to build hometown loyalty through guilt and chastisement, let’s admit that Hillsboro, like most other small Kansas communities, could use an injection of new ideas and an adventurous entrepreneurial spirit to interrupt the cycle of declining consumer loyalty.

How do we get that? Inviting representatives from the Main Street Program to present their ideas is a good start. (See Page 1.) Now, it may be that Hillsboro would not benefit from this specific program, but what we applaud is the attempt to stir the local creative juices. Some of us have lived in the box so long, we may not be capable of looking outside of it without some serious help.

What do you think? What kind of creative things could happen in this small town that would bolster our collective economic well-being? We admire the store owners and business managers who serve us already. But can we envision new and different ventures that could entice more folks, at home and beyond, to spend their time and money among us? -DR

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