City sporting a new official logo

City Administrator Steven Garrett is hoping Hillsboro’s civic image will take on a fresh and unified look with the introduction of a new logo for city-related services and offices.

The new logo pictures a sunflower in the image of a rising sun and includes the words: “City of Hillsboro: Respect for the past, strength for the future.”

The new image and slogan, created by Bryan Davies of Marion, will replace the current emblem, adopted in the 1970s, that currently adorns several city vehicles. It will also be used on city letterhead and other official materials. The image already appears on the new door to the city offices.

“What the council and I would like to do is to create more of a professional image for the city,” Garrett said. “We hope it’s a more eye-catching and unified approach to who we are.”

The new image will be worked in gradually, he added.

“To make these changes costs money and the city administrator is too cheap to do it all at once,” Garrett said. “We’ll do it incrementally.

“Hopefully, a new image for ourselves will communicate that things are going to be done a little differently.”

In keeping with the slogan, “Respect for the past, strength for the future,” Garrett is inviting residents to submit old photos about Hillsboro community life to the city office. The photos could be of old buildings, celebrations and events, or former leaders, he said.

Garrett hopes to create a display in the lobby area between the city offices and the public library.

Photos chosen for the project will be copied and then returned to the owners.

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