Partly Nonsense

I cannot remain silent any longer. It seems as though nearly 7,000 people have asked me about a certain headline that appeared on Page 3 of the Free Press several weeks ago. Something to do with access.

Well, we simply ran out of Ls in our headline font, but I am glad to report we have ordered more and have installed them on our computers in the hope that this “L” shortage never happens again.

* * *

I’m on atomic time now. What are you on? Atomic time is off one second every million years!

* * *

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I think curiosity is one of the best things that has ever happened to mankind. What else causes us to learn things we don’t know or invent things that never were?

* * *

Do the words “Royal Sloan” and “Regal Sloan” mean anything to you?

Next time you are traveling, look at the name stamped on the valve controlling the flush in the public restrooms and I’ll bet you’ll see these words. I have been noticing them for many years. Don’t ask me why. I just read words wherever I see them.

There must be a zillion of these valves installed around the world and I’ve always wondered who the Sloan is behind all of them.

* * *

Curiosity just got to me about who is behind these Sloan valves. So, as quick as I think it, I can pull up on the Internet with our 24/7 PrairieInet connection and presto…I am reading about William Elvis Sloan (1867-1961) who invented the Royal Flushometer with its revolutionary design and ingenious simplicity. It was one of his 64 inventions.

He replaced the toilet tanks in commercial applications with his valve that saved water and had no recycling time between flushes. But it was revolutionary and architects would not recommend them.

The first year he sold one! The second year he sold two! And the sales shot upward from then on as the valve became accepted more and more until today there are literally millions in use around the world.

People like these are my heroes.

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