Partly Nonsense

I attended the memorial service for my old friend Tony Knaak this past week. Growing up with the Knaak boys and knowing the family since grade school, I had the opportunity of seeing firsthand what a great man Tony was. He truly defined by example what a pillar in the community looks and acts like.

* * *

Each time something crazy happens to me, I have to realize that I’m not getting any younger.

This past Friday night I went to the Hillsboro/Marion football game perfectly capable of walking. When it was over I had difficulty walking because my left ankle started acting up. By Saturday morning I was crawling around the apartment on my hands and knees.

My rule of not seeing the doctor until after three days went into effect immediately, but I still had to take care of getting around. So I went to Greenhaw Pharmacy and rented crutches. (It cost only $2 for a week.)

By the afternoon, the pain wasn’t nearly as bad and by evening I was able to walk again without the crutches.

I’m trying to do my part to keep the cost of health insurance down by not running to the doctor every time something happens.

* * *

Our Kansas college football teams didn’t fare so well this past weekend. But I think we need to lighten up. After all, it’s just a game.

I will repeat this 10 times when I go to Manhattan for the KU-KSU game this Saturday.

* * *

Do you see the extra hour we get this weekend due to the end of Daylight Savings Time as another hour to do something or as another hour to try to catch up on sleep?

* * *

We are not required to publish an owner’s statement each October as are the newspapers with a periodical permit. But we thought we would do it anyway just so that you may know what our numbers show for the past year.

We just passed the 1,250,000 mark for newspapers mailed in the trade area in a little more than 3 years which seems like quite a few to me.

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