Changes in solid-waste strategies loom on horizon

New solid-waste changes may be on the way.

David Brazil, Marion County sanitarian, told the Marion County Commission Monday that “potentially there will be new developments” as the Central Kansas Regional Solid Waste Authority planning committee reviews its draft of operations from now until January.

With the four-member counties of McPherson, Dickinson, Harvey and Marion involved in varying problems of waste transfer and closing old landfills, parties to the situation are speculating on everything from a new landfill near Roxbury to some other landfill coming about.

Brazil said the next meeting will be Nov. 6 in Hillsboro because of its central position in the counties. Two meetings will be held in November, two in December and one in January.

Marion County’s delegates to the Authority are Tom Alstrom, Peabody, Jack Regnier, Marion, Harry Bennett, Marion, Bruce Schroeder, Hillsboro, Eileen Sieger, Marion, and Glen Unrau, Goessel, with Brazil, who comes from Durham, as the alternate member.

Commissioner Howard Collett said he would attend the meeting, not as a potential critic, but as an observer to learn more.

Brazil said the Authority review is a periodic one established at the organization’s outset.

In other solid-waste considerations, the commissioners talked once in executive session by telephone with their attorney, James Kaup, concerning their interlocal contract with cities to collect fees for KC Development transfer station.

No decision was made, and the matter is on hold until contracts are returned by cities in the county.

The commission directed Brazil and Sheriff Lee Becker to help develop inspection procedures for private haulers of solid waste to be licensed by the county under the agreement.

The commission approved 3-0 an amendment to the Community Corrections 2002 budget presented by Director Mike Wederski, increasing it from a little more than $390,000 to a little more than $398,000 to allow him to accept funds for the increase from surplus from the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Wederski said no funds for the increase were needed from Marion County, and the increase brings the budget only up to where it was in 2001.

Gerald Kelsey, road and bridge supervisor, presented plans to use washed limestone cover material on up to 45 miles of county oil blacktops while using more durable material that costs more than twice as much for heavily travelled areas such as the three miles around Marion County Lake.

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