Partly Nonsense

Weekend before last we were headed to Lawrence/Ottawa to do our volunteer duty in the Chamber of Commerce booth at the Kansas Sampler Festival.

Since K-150 is closed, I suggested we take a new way to eastern Kansas, which was to head off through the Flint Hills east of Burdick.

Not knowing where we’d end up was almost exhilarating for me. It is like a whole new world out there. Miles and miles of land and sky.

People from other parts of the country make fun of Kansas because our state

doesn’t have many trees. I say they have too many trees that get in the way of what you’re trying to see. It’s cool to look across the landscape for miles and miles like it is east of Burdick.

If your car is clean, you might want to wait until it’s a little dusty already before you take the trip.

* * *

Fall is such a neat time of the year…. When you put on your coats again, you find all of this neat stuff in the pockets.

* * *

We did a spur-of-the-moment thing last Saturday night and went to the KU-OU game on the way to Kansas City for Nancy to go to the apparel market.

We saw firsthand why KU still can’t charge full price for their tickets. Without the five turnovers, the game might have been much closer, though.

Also saw how the cell phone has taken over many people’s lives. Folks of all ages were close around us in the stadium, calling to talk about the game or trying to find out where they were going to find each other after the game, etc.

* * *

Not long ago, I mentioned that a restaurant chain known for its waffles also claimed to sell more steaks than anyone else and that I would have a steak there next chance.

Well, I had one there this past weekend and I think I’ll go back to the waffles. Waitress Suzy taught me one good thing, however. If you put ranch dressing on your hashbrowns, it kind of tastes like a baked potato with sour cream.

* * *

I had this idea for a new appliance that might be called a MicroFridge. It would be used for leftover Mexican food and would heat the beans, meat and cheese and cool the lettuce and tomatoes.

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