Free Falling

fall collection, a cornucopia if you will, of random thoughts….

— When I attended the Promise Keepers rally in Kansas City’s Kemper Arena last month, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m not a “touchy-feely” kind of emotional guy, so I was a bit apprehensive about what would be required of me. I take my religion seriously, but I also take it personally.

I’m still not sure what to make of Promise Keepers. For some who attend, it is a life-changing experience. So, I certainly don’t want to make light of that aspect of the ministry. I did, however, discover some humorous (I think) observations.

For one thing, I haven’t seen that many men openly hugging each other since last year’s Super Bowl.

I thought the level of security was interesting considering the religious nature of the event.

This is basically an all-men’s organization, but for some reason, women were very visibly in charge of the event itself. I think that should tell us something about who really calls the shots.

I’ve been to a number of packed auditoriums in my day, but I can’t recall ever seeing the women’s restrooms opened up for use by men. It’s usually the other way around. As I was in one of those reoriented facilities taking care of business, I had to chuckle to hear one gentleman shout out, “Don’t forget to put the lid back down, guys.”

— It’s been fun watching the success of the Hillsboro High School football team this year, but I just have to get something off my chest-again. I get thoroughly annoyed at players who turn to the crowd and wave their arms in a gesture that I assume is supposed to get people cheering.

For me, however, it has the opposite effect. I feel insulted. I know when to cheer. I don’t need a player -many of whom are not even in the game much-telling me that I am too stupid to decide for myself when the team needs to be congratulated for a good play or extolled to take the intensity level up a notch.

My advice to participants is to pay attention to the game, do your jobs well, and we will give you the recognition you deserve.

— I was visiting with the head of maintenance for a public facility recently about state inspectors, particularly those from the fire marshal’s office. He said they must feel obligated to find at least one violation or edict upon each visit before they are allowed to return to the office.

He told me his favorite experience was the time the inspector insisted on the installation of a water sprinkler system inside a freezer.

— Here’s the question of the month: Why do companies that make products for home use insist on changing the formulas and ingredients just for the sake of change?

I was chagrined recently to find that my favorite shampoo was no longer available in my favorite formula. It has been “improved.” Sure, it smells great, but does the new brew do what I need it to?

I suppose it’s all psychological. With our short attention spans, companies need to give the impression they are working hard to please us, so they change the packaging or tweak the formula just enough to call it new and improved.

After all, look what it did for Coke a few years back.

— Thought for the day: No war has ever been waged that was not fought for economic reasons.

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