Partly Nonsense

It never ceases to amaze me what little kids do. We’re hearing that little Louis down in Atlanta hasn’t had his shoes off for more than four days now, except for a bath. He seemingly thinks he needs to wear them day and night.

* * *

His mom had a few strong ideas of her own at an early age. She was totally sure that an umbrella was called an underbrella and no explanation or discussion could make her change what she called it.

* * *

Thinking that it might be smart to check into other ways of getting to Atlanta than going by air, I checked the Internet for fares and schedules for taking the train and the bus.

The best schedule on the train was to leave Newton in the middle of the night on a Tuesday and arrive in Atlanta in the middle of the afternoon three days later via Chicago, Washington, D.C., and then south to Atlanta. I’m sure the leaves would all be pretty now, but we don’t have that much time.

The best schedule the bus had to offer was 22 hours and 45 minutes, but with a much more direct route and the longest stop being about an hour.

We plan on flying there soon.

* * *

While talking with our kids, we decided no terrorist was going to stop our family from getting together.

And the best thing we can all do right now is spend money just like we always have.

* * *

We were in Tulsa this past weekend visiting my bionic brother on his birthday. He just had total hip replacement and was doing great just 12 days later.

Driving back on the Cimmaron Turnpike I noticed picnic areas but the sign said no facilities. I presume those who picnic don’t need a bathroom.

* * *

Brother Mark and I were discussing some of the flaky Web sites and thought maybe instead of .com, some of them should be named .con.

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