Partly Nonsense

It will take a long time before the events of Sept. 11 are completely sorted in my mind. The fact that not one but nearly 20 people were willing to commit such heinous acts at the same time is incomprehensible to me.

And the scariest part is that military might and money could slow it down but probably will not stop it.

I have mixed feelings about retaliation without clearly knowing who the enemy is, even though there is overwhelming support for it. It seems to me that more violence may bring even more violence to our land.

* * *

The phrase “Go to town” has a whole new meaning for me. I can’t “go to town” because I’m already there. I’m really liking life in the center of the city. This Saturday was really nice when I needed to be downtown at 5 a.m. for the Arts and Crafts Fair. I made it to my post in seconds.

* * *

Back when I was in high school I was hired to chauffeur the elderly Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Schroeder to church every Sunday morning. They lived across the street east from the Schaeffler House.

Mr. Schroeder’s driving had become a concern to family members as well as many folks in town because he looked at everything except the road when he drove.

I would walk a block to their house, back out their Pontiac and then take them on a short drive to First Mennonite.

He would pay me 50 cents when we got there and then tell me it would be a good idea to put it in the plate.

And some Sundays he decided he would drive and then I would ride in the backseat. I didn’t think I could argue with him about who drove. It was his car.

* * *

Fast Internet that is on all of the time is better than sliced bread. We finally have our Free Press computers networked and online 24/7 and are we ever happy!

It is so nice not to have to dial up each time you want to use the Internet-that is if you could get a connection. And it has freed up one of our phone lines, too.

I’ll bet the founders of Southwind never dreamed the big conglomerate that now owns their company could foul everything up so badly when it came down to customer service. And one of the worst things they did was to charge $2 extra per month for those who want to pay for the service by check.

* * *

Heard a story recently which happened a number of years ago.

This older farmer noticed smoke coming from the neighbors’ house, so he went to investigate. There was not fire, but the neighbors were cooking outside on the grill.

He pondered the situation a bit and then said: “We used to cook inside and go to the bathroom outside. Now we cook outside and go to the bathroom inside.”

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