Partly Nonsense

It was a great football weekend in Hillsboro. The Trojans and Bluejays really put on a show.

And what has happened to the storied Halstead football program? Their lowest point in my opinion was when their players dropped down and did pushups after a penalty-as punishment, I guess. And one guy had to do situps, too. Must have been the perpetrator.

The best ticket in town will be the Bethel-Tabor matchup next Saturday night. Could be the best Menno Bowl ever.

* * *

All of the wags who say that the tax refund is nothing apparently haven’t done any math.

If there are about 5,500 households in Marion County and they each get $200 to $300, that would put more than a million dollars into circulation. If the money turns over several times, the effect would be many times greater than that.

* * *

Sure wish we had a men’s clothing store in Hillsboro. I would promise to shop there.

* * *

Grandson Alex who is 3 still needs to learn a little patience.

His mother was taking care of his little cousin Enzo last week. Alex asked Mom if she would get him a glass of milk. She said she was busy right now. He asked again and the answer was the same.

A little while later he blurts out, “What does a person have to do to get some milk around here!”

* * *

Until now we have been hauling the Free Press to all of the post offices except Ramona, Lincolnville, Lost Springs and Burdick. That changed last week.

Due to requests from our readers, we are now hauling the Free Press to all of the post offices in the county every Tuesday for Wednesday delivery.

It is called a drop shipment, which eliminates the time lost in the postal system. Without the drop shipment the mail to northeast Marion County would go to Wichita, then Topeka, then back again-except in Ramona’s case, where the mail would go to Wichita, then Salina and then to Ramona.

I found out that trains block the road at Ramona and there may not always be enough time to get there before the post offices close.

So we have Plan B: Jeanie and Jim at Cheers II in Ramona have agreed to help us if we don’t make it in time. We can drop the mail bags there and they will take them over in the morning.

I heard they had the best hamburgers, so I had one-and it is true. Jeanie has a special way of making them, but you’ll have to go yourself to find out what it is.

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