EDITORIAL: Welcome and reminder

We hear it every year, but with the Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair just days down the road, it’s time for us to prepare once again to be good hosts to the 40,000 to 50,000 people who may come a-callin’ this Saturday.

That may mean doing a little yard sprucing or a general tidy-up around the old place. But we think it’s worthwhile to put our best foot forward when guests come to spend some time with us, and, yes, to spend some money, too. Regardless of the economic incentive, it’s just good manners to treat guests as special folks, which they are.

A lot of local folks have already invested a ton of work in this year’s fair, and hundreds more of us will be joining them as the day draws upon us. For their sake, and ours, let’s be on our best behavior-which, come to think of it, is pretty normal behavior around here.

Some of you out there say you always try to leave down the day of the fair because it’s not a pleasant event for you. Well, even the hard-core nay-sayer must admit that the third Saturday of every September is a pretty remarkable accomplish here in Hillsboro. But if you must nay-say, then we appreciate the fact that you chose to do it miles from our guests.

We wish the best of experiences for all who participate in the fair. It’s a ton of work, but the value to Hillsboro and its reputation across Kansas is worth the effort we all put into it.

It’s time to get ready.

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