Partly Nonsense

My sister and her family visited in Hillsboro last week. In fact my mom and all four kids were together, which is always nice.

My niece, Jeanette Iacono, came up with something I thought was quite profound. She said she would rather buy something and regret it later than not buy it and regret that decision.

That kind of thinking is good for the U.S. economy.

* * *

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and…does what he wants to do.” -Bob Dylan, singer, songwriter, successful 60-year-old

* * *

The Free Press staff decided to take our annual fall sports preview to a new level this season by including all six high schools in our distribution area plus Tabor College. I think you will see that it took a tremendous amount of work to pull it off.

It is a spinoff of our complete graduation coverage last spring that gave us the idea it could be done.

I know we will have readers who think it is too much coverage for sports, but it’s a fact of life that sports are what keep many small towns on the map.

And they teach lessons that stay with you the rest of your life.

Among other things, you learn to listen to instruction, work together with other people for a common goal, learn how to deal with adversity and that many times hard work will and does pay off. And there is less idle time to get into trouble.

* * *

Took a quick trip to Kansas City over the weekend and learned you can get a T-bone steak at a Waffle House. In fact, they claim they sell more T-bones than any other restaurant, period. I plan to try one next time I’m there.

* * *

Did you know that Greenland is bigger than South America?

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