EDITORIAL: A parent’s vow

As a new fall sports season rolls around, it’s a good time for those of us who have children participating to think carefully about our role as parents in this endeavor-and then to vow that we will not, under any circumstance, interfere in ways that prevent our children from taking responsibility for the experiences they encounter.

Writing the lead story in our Extra Point! sports supplement this week was a good exercise for me, a parent of two student-athletes. I may not have written it all that well, but the content is worth every parent’s time because it comes from straight from the heart of the coaches who devote themselves to our children day after day. They deserve a responsible parental approach from each of us.

And what is that? In a nutshell, it’s letting our kids deal on their own with the disappointments they’ll encounter in any athletic endeavor. We can comfort and encourage, but it’s not our job to “fix.” Rather, we need to let them encounter the ups and downs of real life-in a relatively safe environment-so that they might develop the lifelong tools of perseverance and determination to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

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