Partly Nonsense

Horace Greeley once said, “Go west young man, go west.” I finally took his advice and moved west. Five blocks west. All the way to downtown Hillsboro.

People have been asking why Nancy and I would move from our house on Adams Street into the apartment above the Insurance Center. If the truth were known, I would say it was because we got tired of the commute. I am now 50 steps from my work and she is 82 steps from her store.

* * *

We have come to learn that a great many folks have lived in the apartment that former Hillsboro businessman Ray Cornelsen and his wife, Almeda, built sometime in the late sixties.

It is roomy and has all of the creature comforts we need. We are putting a lot of effort into our work during this period in our lives and don’t need a big house and big yard.

Plus, when we need to fly off and see the kids and grandkids we can lock the door and we’re done.

* * *

We definitely live in a throw-away society.

I was wondering what steps needed to be taken to move our Direct TV service, so I checked their site on the Internet. They had a special moving offer which stated I could leave the dish at the former address, take my receiver to the new house and they would ship out a new dish and have it installed for free if I would just pay $12.95 for shipping.

When I decided to take them up on it, I missed the fine print which said that someone else had rights to this territory. So I checked with them and they didn’t offer this package.

But I could sign up for two years of programming and the dish, receiver and installation were free which still leaves the old dish behind.

Then there was an ad for dish network which offered to give me programming at just $9 per month the first year if I would buy their system for $199.

OK. This is cheaper than either of the other two offers when figured total cost for a year.

When I said I would think about it since I was already a Direct TV customer, they kicked in a receiver with a $399 price tag that they would let me have for just $199 and $9 per month just for switching from Direct TV to Dish Network. That still leaves the old dish behind.

Could it be that the marketing folks thought the people who will occupy my former home would sign up for Direct TV since the dish was already there?

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