Partly Nonsense

Since we seldom have a moving/garage sale like we did this past Saturday, I didn’t quite know how they worked. It looks to me as if most people like to get there early to find the best treasures, although we had people stopping by all morning and they took many of our “treasures” home with them.

We priced only a few things and then told everyone they should just make us an offer when they found something they wanted.

It appeared to me that people prefer having a price on the stuff. They seemed to say they didn’t want to insult us by offering too little. I told them not to worry about that and that at some point in the day we might pay them just to take it away.

* * *

I’m already dreading Oct. 27-the day of the KU-KSU football game.

* * *

I’m always thinking of ways to market and advertise goods and services so our advertisers’ message gets across to the reader. This holds true for our newspaper, too.

Well, I recently saw a sign in a store that said: “We will match any of our competitors’ prices, period. No questions.”

I said to myself, maybe we could do that. But wait-to make it work, our rates would have to be a lot higher than they are and we’d have to send our paper to a lot fewer homes in the trade area than we now do.

* * *

Have you heard that Channel 3 is dropping the sports segment from its 10 o’clock news? What’s next… the weather?

* * *

I remember The Catch like it happened yesterday.

Back in Mountain Lake, Minn., I played Little League baseball at the field just across the street from the electric generating plant. As an 8-year-old, my name didn’t come up first-it was usually last-when the coaches decided who was going to play.

But one time, late in the game, they put me in. Out in centerfield.

I heard the bat crack and I thought the ball might be coming my way but I didn’t exactly see it. So I just ran, held up my glove and closed my eyes. To my surprise- and everyone else’s who saw it too-the ball stuck in the mitt somehow.

I tried to act like it was a routine catch, took a little hop and threw the ball back to the shortstop.

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