Partly Nonsense

This seems very whacky to me: The Social Security Administration just spent millions of dollars sending out letters to Social Security recipients to notify them that their benefit would increase by $1 per month next year.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to send the notice with the checks?

Along the same line, why did the Internal Revenue Service send out a letter telling us that we are getting a refund with all of the explanations? Why not send out the letter with the check?

Maybe it’s a postal bailout in disguise.


A doctor once told me the reason you have two hands, ears, eyes, knees, etc. is that when something is wrong with one of them you can look at the other one to see what the afflicted one is supposed to look like.


Stengel’s Law: Good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice versa.


How did summer slip by so fast? Soon it will be time for the county fair and then school is just around the corner.

With all of this heat, though, the fall season will be a welcome change.


Aren’t you glad you didn’t invest in pay phones a couple of years ago? Cell phone usage has gone through the roof and pay phones get so little use these days they had to raise the rate to 50?. Makes cell phones even cheaper, considering all of the free minutes you can get.


Most people probably don’t give much thought about calling a business on its 800 (or 888, 877 etc.) number. The purpose of these toll-free numbers is to make it easy for a prospective customer to get information or make a purchase by taking away the mental resistance to making “a long-distance” call.

In reality, it is very cheap to make calls now-less than 10 cents per minute. Chump change.

But I wonder how many people call a business on its 800 number and try to sell that business something-with no intention of purchasing anything.

When I went into sales in the early ’90s, I made it a policy not to sell anyone on their nickel. It never seemed right to do it.

I still don’t do it-unless someone from the business asks me to call on the toll-free number.

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