New USD 410 board members begin terms at Monday meeting

USD 410 board members elected in April signed an oath of office as part of the first order of business at Monday’s board meeting.

Debra Geis, Douglas Weinbrenner and new board members Brent Barkman and Eddie Weber signed the state-mandated oath.

After the signing formality, the board reelected Weinbrenner as board president and Brenda Enns as vice president for 2001-02.

Lease agreements for three of the district’s copiers will expire soon. The copier at the elementary/central office averages 75,000 copies per month, while each of the copiers at the high school and middle school average about 30,000 copies per month.

Current leases for Xerox machines are obtained through Sunflower Office Supply of Newton, which has been the provider for more than a decade. In the past, the district has not requested competitive bids.

Bid specifications for digital copiers to be networked were received from three companies: Sunflower; Business Systems Inc., a Cannon supplier of Wichita; and Modern Office Methods Inc., a Lanier supplier of Wichita.

Modern Office Methods submitted the low base bid at just over $25,000 annually, which will save the school district about $3,800 a year during the five-year lease period. The board voted unanimously to lease with Modern Office Methods.

The board considered a proposal to raise the price of meals because expenditures were higher than revenues and Mohn anticipated the costs will increase this next year.

Among more than 20 schools, Hillsboro’s meal prices are among the highest for elementary, middle and secondary schools.

“I believe the quality and quantity of meals (in Hillsboro) is above average,” Mohn said.

The board recommended the the district’s food service personnel check into the services provided by other districts and determine whether there were ways to be more cost effective.

Max Heinrichs, newly hired as activities director, reported his concern about filling positions for assistant athletic coaches, primarily for volleyball.

In other action, the board accepted the resignation of Lonnie Isaac, who served as the boys’ and girls’ tennis coach. He has accepted a tennis coaching position at Tabor College.

The board also approved the following:

–?issuance of a contract to Karen Call, married to elementary principal Pat Call, to serve as high school family and consumer science instructor and to serve as FCCLA sponsor, a vocational leadership organization that supports family and consumer science education;

–?an increase in the substitute teacher rates from $75 per day to $78 for the upcoming year;

–?designating Emprise bank, Hillsboro State Bank and Central National Bank as depositories for district funds and to continue to use Central National Bank for the depository for general fund monies until bids have been developed and awarded for those services.

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