EDITORIAL: Worth our effort

Having served on the Hillsboro Convention & Visitors Bureau board for about six years now, I’m convinced our community, and probably our county, doesn’t realize the potential boost tourism offers our local economy. Particularly during a time when the ag economy is struggling, it’s high time we consider that potential.

One of the challenges we face with CVB is “proving” the results of our work. It’s hard to find hard, reliable numbers that indicate that such-and-such promotion attracted X number of people to Hillsboro, which, in turn, resulted in X number of dollars being spent with local businesses. We believe it happens, we just can’t prove it.

All that to say that the projections Terry Holt, lake manager at Marion Reservoir, has provided about the financial implications of expanding Cottonwood Point are mighty impressive. (See our Page 1 story.) True, the numbers are merely projections. But they are based on proven formulas developed by folks who know the field well.

We believe the Cottonwood Point project is worthy of our active support. Because Holt is legally forbidden to lobby Congress on behalf of the reservoir, it is up to you and me to encourage our representatives to secure funding for this project. A small investment of our time could mean a huge payoff down the road for everyone.

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