Partly Nonsense

I kind of jumped the gun last week when I made light of increasing fines for speeding. Upon further consideration, it may be a great idea.

It’s kind of like comparing speeding with playing the lottery or gambling at the casinos. You know, it’s a voluntary tax. Drivers can control how fast they go, therefore you can control if you want to pay or not.

* * *

For the science lesson of the day…. A fan will only cool if you are there to feel it blow across your skin. The more you sweat the cooler it feels. So, turn the thermostat up and let the fan blow. If you let the fan run when you are not in the room, it won’t do a dime’s worth of good.

* * *

I found the neatest thing on the Internet the other night. I had a phone number but didn’t have the name of the person I was supposed to call back.

So I asked Jeeves how do I search for a reverse phone number. Up pops this link to “Search for Reverse Phone Number.” So I tried it on about five numbers and it never failed to find the person’s name.

This might be good for knowing who the mystery numbers belong to on your caller ID.

* * *

What if there was this restaurant chain called Matt and Wyatt’s Neighborhood Grill where all chairs face the door?

(If this is too abstract, Matt Dillon and Wyatt Earp were gunslingers of the old west and had to be watching their backsides at all times.)

* * *

In the Some-Things-Last-Forever Department…. I bought a used hair dryer at an auction in the early ’80s and am still using it. Our 1993 Plymouth van still has the original muffler on it, too.

* * *

Next time you see those big high-voltage electric power transmission lines, look to see if they are sagging. When it’s hot and a lot of juice is pushed through them, the voltage expands the metal and they droop a little.

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