EDITORIAL: More work to do

It caught us by surprise the other day to realize that this week’s issue date falls not only on our nation’s birthday, but on a milestone birthday at that. It was 225 years ago this day that members of the Continental Congress approved and signed the Declaration of Independence, an audacious document that launched an unprecedented experiment in government by the people, of the people, and for the people.

Now, two and a quarter centuries have passed. This country has prospered beyond our forebears’ wildest dreams and continues to be a strong beacon for freedom as the only remaining super power in the world. In many respects, the experiment has succeeded-despite our share of setbacks, crises and even a few defeats along the way.

The experiment has survived, but it is not yet complete. As long as the impetus for change remains in the hands of the people, we will always be one generation away from our demise. It is each citizen’s duty to keep alive the ideals of freedom, citizen rights and opportunity for all.

Make no mistake, we still have work to do on those fundamental issues. As a nation, we’ve made progress by legally protecting the civil rights of all people, regardless, race, gender or creed. And yet evidence abounds that discrimination still festers in the one critical catalyst for democracy-the minds and hearts of the people. As our ethnic mosaic to grow in dramatic fashion, we must work harder so all might achieve the high ideals our forebearers set before us in 1776.

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