Partly Nonsense

If you’re thinking of exceeding the speed limit on Kansas highways, you might want to get it out of your system by the end of the month. Traffic fines will triple July 1.

And if these high-priced fines scare you like they do me, the revenue from traffic fines could actually go down and not up like the legislature thought it would. Raising fines just seems like a half-baked idea to raise revenue for operating the state of Kansas.

The side benefit could be fewer accidents, though.

* * *

Why does it always rain just when harvest gets going good?

* * *

This could top anything our 3-year-old grandson has said yet.

When he and his mom and brother were visiting recently, we suggested to our daughter, Amy, that she and husband George should think about opening a restaurant in Lawrence. (Selfish thinking on our part).

After they were back home to Atlanta, George said to Alex, “I hear your mom was talking about moving to Kansas.”

Alex said to Amy, “You can’t do that.”

Amy said, “Why not?”

He said, “‘Cause we’d really miss you, Mom.”

* * *

If you have an extra $83 lying around, you might want to buy one of those square watermelons they grow in Japan. I saw on television where they grow the melons in a square glass jar and, when the melon is ripe, they break the glass. I guess the reason for growing the fruity cubes is to make them easier to ship because they take up less room and won’t roll around.

* * *

The other night during the big electrical storm, we had something happen that I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t experienced it.

The phone actually jumped off the hook. Not once, but twice. Two times we heard that little message that says, “If you want to make a call hang up and try again.”

* * *

You can eat one or two cookies or brownies off of a plate and rearrange them a bit and no one will know.

But I haven’t figured out how to do it with a pie or cake.

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