LETTERS: Apology offered if communication unclear

I’m writing in response to your articles in the past few issues about the special assessments at Willow Glen. After talking to the homeowners, it’s clear to me that the two owners who didn’t understand about assessments moved here from out of state.

In all honesty, when I moved here from out of state, I’d never heard of improvements being done this way. It can be confusing. In the future, we will ask our representatives to go above and beyond to make that subject as clear as possible.

My wife and I are Christians first and business people after that. In our dealings, we try to be faithful and honest to our Savior and to our customers. If we’ve failed to do that, we’d like to take this forum to publicly apologize.

To the Star-Journal, I was really disappointed in the way this issue was covered, both in the sensationalistic tone and the lack of checking facts with the parties involved. I would ask you to please call us next time before printing the story.

It is an honor and privilege to live and work in Hillsboro and I would ask that you would allow us to continue that privilege.

Editor’s note: Bruce Kunkel submitted his letter to the Hillsboro Star-Journal and asked that we print it in the Free Press also.

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