Partly Nonsense

I was shocked to learn the other day that neither my wife nor my mother had ever driven a tractor.

* * *

Last week I had a few days when I wished I had never been born. You’ve probably had them, too.

In this case, little problems crept up with the computer equipment that just didn’t seem to have a solution. For several consecutive days, a new problem would crop up. Luckily, they ended up being simple fixes, but not without hours of agony.

In the midst of it, I thought about the chef at the High Spot Cafe in Cambridge, Md., who used to freak out over being out of macaroni salad.

Right then, I realized my problems were small.

* * *

I get the chills when I think about my next high school class reunion. Could the 40th be drawing near?

* * *

With the help of so many kind and dedicated people in the local health-care system, my mom finally was able to return to her apartment this past week after weeks of recovery from a broken hip and other health problems.

I am also thankful I was able to transport her recliner back to her apartment without incident. I borrowed Parkside’s two-wheel cart to move the recliner temporarily to her room in the home. It seemed to me it would be easy to just roll it up the sidewalk from Park Village.

But on the way, it started to rain, so I speeded up. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the curb. The wheels stopped short, sending me sailing over the top of the recliner and onto the ground.

This is the second time I have been attacked by a recliner.

* * *

People who design some of the electronic gadgetry we use these days must have some sort of common-sense deficiency. To reset one of our digital cameras, you have to pull out the batteries and the reader card-then wait 24 hours.

Obviously, they’ve never had a deadline to meet.

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