Partly Nonsense

When I’m out and about, I watch other grandpas with their little grandchildren. I see they act giddy just like me. Something special happens when these little kids visit and it leaves an empty feeling when they go. (Not to mention the house is a wreck, but we don’t mind).

I think Alex might grow up to be a dentist. While he, his little brother and mother were here, he took a flashlight and was looking in little brother’s mouth and proclaimed, “Hey look, Louie growed another tooth!”

I’ve been watching the road construction on Interstate 135 at Newton for the past several months. Looks to me like a lot of money is being spent to “fix” something that wasn’t broken. What was wrong with the Newton exits anyway?

Times change. Before we went out for dinner to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary last weekend, we both took a 15-minute nap.

Last week was the beginning of our weekly full color in the Free Press. And it was also the first week we handled our own mailing operations in our back shop, including addressing the papers and inserting the grocery circulars.

Our new crew did a great job handling more than 20,000 pieces. This week we will be handling more than 30,000 pieces.

A nice woman from Lost Springs, whom I had never previously met, shared an experience she had recently.

She said she was driving her car when smoke started coming out from under the hood. When she got back to town she quickly got out, but then realized that her Free Press was still in the car. Thinking the car might burn, she quickly retrieved her paper. Oh, after that she also pulled out the new photos of her grandchild.

A good laugh is a good thing, but I never read the funnies in the newspaper.

If you want another indicator of the growth in this area, besides the census, compare the thickness of the new Feist Directory with last year’s directory. The new white pages are 316 pages versus 312 pages last year-and the new print is a little smaller. They have also included Web-site addresses, which would be another reason to use smaller print.

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