County offers online tax payment

The Marion County Treasurer’s office, through its partnership with accessKansas, a service of the Information Network of Kansas, has opened its online property tax payment system for Marion County taxpayers.

The online application is designed to give taxpayers the ability to pay their property tax from the convenience of their home-24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Second-half property taxes in Kansas are due June 20.

During the first half of the 2000-01 property tax year, more than 500 property-tax statements statewide were paid online using electronic checks through the Internet.

Electronic checks are a common form of payment, utilizing electronic funds transfers from a common checking or savings account.

Marion County Treasurer Jeannine Bateman said the application saves time and money for both the county and the taxpayer.

“I don’t like to pay my taxes any more than any other taxpayer,” she said. “Since it is something that must be done, it should be done as easily and conveniently as possible.”

The Kansas County Treasurer’s Association ( and Marion County have become partners with the Information Network of Kansas Inc. for this year’s pilot program.

The Information Network of Kansas is the agency responsible for access-Kansas, the official state Web portal (, and provider of electronic government solutions for the state.

The network manager for accessKansas is Kansas Information Consortium, Inc., a subsidiary of National Information Consortium, The eGovernment Company?.

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