Partly Nonsense

This world has three absolutes: death, taxes and computer hard drives that crash. I thought I was on top of things with my system at the office, but lo and behold my external hard drive went on the fritz this past weekend.

I had backed-up some things, but not everything. Unless I could get the dumb thing running again, a lot of stuff would be missing.

Luckily, I also have a computer at home and had forgotten that I burned some of the files from the hard drive that crashed onto a CD.

Bingo! I’m back in business.

* * *

I have an explanation for why a person tells the same story twice to the same person two days straight. If you talk with a lot of people everyday, it’s easy to forget to whom you’ve told what.

That’s one more good reason to tell the truth, so the story comes out the same every time and so you don’t have to remember what you’ve told others.

* * *

It’s great to see our downtown alive on Saturday nights with the two restaurant buffets and antique shops open, plus the “Glimpses of Our Heritage Tours” sponsored by the Hillsboro Convention and Visitors Bureau. CVB is leading the tours every Saturday night in May.

With the prospect looming of $3-a-gallon gas, maybe the downtown Saturday night thing of yesteryear may make a comeback in rural America.

* * *

Real estate property taxes are one of the most convoluted and complicated taxes we have. Ask anyone who tries to make heads or tails of them based upon how similar properties are valued. There is absolutely no way they will ever be fair and equitable.

There are different classifications, taxed at different rates based upon different criteria.

I think I have a way to make it fair: Base everything on fair-market value, but make the owner set the value. When the owner gets ready to sell the property, he can’t sell it for more than the value he placed on it for tax purposes.

* * *

I haven’t even fired up my lawn mower yet this year. And I didn’t last year either. It’s great to have a neighbor kid who takes care of the lawn. I don’t even have to decide when he should mow it. I just said, “Take care of it.” And he does.

Mowing lawns is a great little business for boys who want to be their own boss. It teaches all of the skills you’ll ever need down the road in life, like working in conditions that aren’t pleasant and when you’d rather be doing something else, keeping track of money, taking care of customers and feeling the satisfaction of doing a good job without supervision.

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