Partly Nonsense

Rubber Ducky. Whatever happened to CB radios? And what brought that on, you say?

I was listening to oldies from the ’70s and the “Convoy song” came on. Maybe I’ll have to dust off my CB, hook it back up and find out if people are still using them.

I wonder how many of those radios John Knaak sold when he had his electronics store back in the late ’70s.

* * *

We just returned from the annual Kansas Press Association convention in Lawrence this past weekend. We saw a lot of old friends, met new ones and picked up new ideas we can use.

The highlight of the conference was the keynote address by Erin Brockovich-who grew up in Lawrence, if you didn’t know it. She became famous when Julia Roberts portrayed her in a movie.

The real Erin didn’t make it into the limelight by sitting on her hands. I thought she was genuine and had learned life’s lessons well.

She said, among other things, don’t lie and you need stick-to-it-ive-ness.

I know people in Hinkley, Calif., will never forget what she did for them. The $333 million settlement she helped obtain for them was monumental.

But the money will never replace the family members who suffered and died from contamination of the water by Pacific Gas & Electric.

Her entire family was there to share in the moment. I got the chance to greet her mother, whom I had worked with while she was editor of the Kansas Alumni magazine and I worked at the KU Printing Service.

* * *

Our editorial team can be extremely proud of the eight awards they picked up in the “Better Newspaper Contest” Saturday night. The awards included four first-place plaques. While these things are nice, we know there’s always room for improvement.

We have a sign on our wall that says: “Perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated.”

* * *

The hotel served shrimp cocktail and crab legs at the awards reception. The shrimp was fine, but the crab meat fell way short of crab we used to dip out of the Choptank River when we lived in Cambridge, Md.

One night we went down to the wharf when the tide was in and dipped out a couple dozen crabs. We put them in a cardboard box and carried them home to our upstairs apartment and put them on the kitchen floor.

While we were heating the water to steam them, the soaked box gave way and we had live crabs all over the place. You don’t want to be going barefoot while this is going on.

After a short battle, they went for a swim in the kettle. You can’t beat fresh steamed crabs.

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