Partly Nonsense

There’s nothing like seeing the kids and grandkids in Atlanta last week to recharge the old batteries.

Little Louie just turned 1, so we had to be there for it. I’ve never seen a little guy who was constantly on the move like he was. And I’ve never seen a little kid put toys back “in” the box. He spent a half hour one night putting Legos away.

He ate a lot too, but that figures. He needed it for fuel.

Alex was the model child and on his best behavior the whole time we were there-which was shocking to everyone, including his parents. He fell asleep from early Sunday evening until the next day.

Amy thought he had worn himself out by trying to be good for four days.

And I can see the stakes are getting higher. It was much easier when there was just one grandchild who got all of the attention.

* * *

Do you ever receive faxes that say “Confidential” on them? I really don’t believe that a fax that comes through an office fax machine with access by everyone could ever be a confidential fax.

* * *

I’ve been wondering if one wipes the dishes or dries the dishes. I read where Cheryl Jost wipes hers, as do I. Which is it: wipe or dry?

* * *

How many gallons of gas have been saved since the right turn on red became policy after the fuel crisis in 1973?

In many places it could be taken a step further by allowing a left turn and straight-ahead on red, especially in downtown Hillsboro at 11 p.m., for example.

* * *

Last week when I had the insect/spider/tick bite, it occurred to me that I could have taken a digital photo and e-mailed it to the doctor’s office. They could then have taken a look at it and e-mailed me if they thought I should come in.

I’ve never thought one should run to the doctor every time something happens. If this e-mail idea becomes common practice, remember, you heard it here first.

* * *

When we fly out of the Kansas City airport, we park our car at one of the car-rental agencies and ride their shuttle to the gate. It is only $3.95 per day, which most folks would agree is very cheap these days.

A couple riding the shuttle were discussing the low rate and thought there must be something else to it. Like maybe they rent out our cars while we’re gone. And like the woman said, why else would they want to know when you are coming back?

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