Goessel board considers outlay needs

The Goessel school board spent a lot of time discussing capital outlay needs at its April 9 meeting.

Larger items on the list include a greenhouse, roof repairs, brick repairs, window replacement, computers for teaching staff, a car and van, track, grade school gym floor, stage lighting, parking lot, and football practice field.

Less costly items would include a sidewalk north of the high school gym-recommended by the state fire marshall-curtains at the grade school, tile for the junior high hall, paint for junior high lockers, home economics appliances, lawn mower, walking sprinkler, fencing, water softener, and boilers.

Superintendent Chet Roberts said the items on the list can be obtained.

“I think we can get a lot of this done within five years,” he said. “There are no ‘wants;’ they’re all needs. We’ll start working on the smaller items right away.”

A greenhouse will be needed for teaching the charter school curriculum, but Roberts explained that a structure cannot be built with charter school money.

However, Roberts said water and gas lines can be installed using charter school money, and some salaries can be paid with charter school money. The charter school has been approved for $25,000 in start-up grant money.

Roberts encouraged the board to “take some time and walk around that track,” which is in poor condition. Roberts thought $80,000 to $120,000 would be needed to build a better track.

Board chair Lynel Unrau felt the bad track discouraged students from going out for track.

Roberts agreed.

“We have to start looking at some programs outside,” he said.

Board member Richard Drake said, “If we’re going to have a program, we have to have the facility.”

Roberts was optimistic.

“I think we can do this within five years,” he said. “We have to get the capital outlay up there. I think it’s a do-able thing.”

The board also discussed plans for a football practice field south of the current football field. Some preferred that a parking lot be built there instead.

Roberts acknowledged that need.

“Parking is a problem,” he said, adding, “Practice fields are also a problem.”

Roberts said he had a quote of $38,000 from a Fort Scott company that could do the point and tuck repair work on the junior high building. He described water problems in that building due to deterioration of the mortar.

Roberts said junior high students had raised $1,700 for tile for the hall by selling pizza. Roberts said the ceilings in that area are in poor shape, as are the student lockers. He would like to improve the appearance of that part of the building.

Roberts said some lights in the junior high building have not been replaced yet. Roof repairs are also needed on that building, as well on the old gym roof. Roberts said five to 10 buckets are often necessary to catch water drops when it rains.

Roberts also described the need for stage lights in the auditorium. Currently, it is necessary to rent and borrow lights, which are difficult to install because of the sloped floor. Consequently, the school needs its own permanent lighting.

Elementary school principal John Fast said two rooms still have no curtains. Curtains would help reduce energy costs, as well as control sunlight. An additional room has old curtains that need to be replaced. Windows on the old portions of the building need to be replaced.

The slick grade school gym floor was again discussed. Board member Wade Dickerson pointed out that the recreation commission uses the gym floor, too.

While discussing the need for teaching staff computers, Drake said, “You have to have good tools to work with.”

Roberts added, “We’re fighting problems (with computers) every day.”

Roberts said the school’s 1989 car has 139,000 miles. The red van has 140,000 miles, and the white van has 100,000 miles. He said the car and the red van are used mostly for special education students.

He said that teachers and other staff often use their own vehicles for school use. He would like to look at a multi-purpose car that could be used for special education, driver’s education, and staff.

Outdoor maintenance needs would include a walking sprinkler and a lawn mower. Roberts said maintenance personnel spend a lot of time repairing the lawn mowers. The board discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of mowers.

On another matter, junior/senior high school principal Stuart Holmes reported he had discussed drug detection dogs with the site council. Site council members feel that contracting with such a company for a student assembly and a community assembly would be wise. The council also felt random canine detection visits to the school would be positive additions to the school’s effort to promote a safe, drug-free school.

Fast reported that he had also discussed the matter with his site council. He said they unanimously supported the idea.

In other business:

— Holmes reported the high school pride and work night was a success. About 50 high school students and staff volunteered to clean windows, steps, and baseboards. They moved desks so floors could be power scrubbed, picked up trash outside, and did some painting.

— Holmes reported teacher evaluations have been completed. “I continue to acknowledge and appreciate the quality staff we have and challenge all to continue to improve,” he said.

— Holmes commended high school students for recent accomplishments. The agricultural mechanics team placed first at the district level and will compete at the state level on April 30. The high school music department received 29 I ratings and 6 II ratings at the regional solo and ensemble music festival. The FCCLA students received gold and silver medals at the state competition.

— Fast reported that fourth- through sixth-grade students had done an excellent job of presenting the musical “Electric Sunshine Man” April 3. The kindergarten through third grade musical will be presented April 24 at 9:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

— Fast said the sixth grade is currently taking the state social studies test, and the fourth graders are taking the science assessment tests.

— Fast reported the spring carnival would be held Friday, April 20.

— According to Fast, the new grade school sign has been installed.

— The board approved the proposed 2001-02 school calendar. Spring break and Easter days would be at the same time.

— The board approved the request for a senior trip to Oklahoma. They also approved high school science teacher Don Dailey’s request for a biology river trip May 2-3.

— It was reported that Lynette Duerksen and Dewayne Voth were elected as new board members.

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