Free Falling

Some questions I’ve been pondering as we spring ahead toward another Kansas summer….

Ben Franklin may have been a genius, and may have come up with some outstanding inventions, but does anybody really like this time-change idea of his?

Everyone I’ve talked to about the switch to Daylight Saving Time that took place a couple of weekends ago was tired and cranky about losing that hour of sleep.

My suggestion would be to simply leave the time as it is now. We can always use an extra hour of daylight in the evening. Is that hour of darkness on a winter morning much of a concern anymore?

Do people who are rude know they are rude? Do they care?

What language do babies think in before they recognize words?

Did you hear about the survey that indicated people’s number one fear is public speaking? My minister recently pointed out that this means a person would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy.

In which area of our lives is speed more important, computers or ketchup?

Why do people say “Heads up!” when they really want you to duck?

Will Hillsboro ever get a movie theater? A Chinese restaurant? A hiking/biking path? Decent Internet speed?

Am I actually going to write a column this close to prom without mentioning how pressures on students to spend huge amounts of money to outdo each other has gotten way out of hand?

Can anyone remember a more perfect day for the MCC Sale than the one we had earlier this month?

What does it say about our current state of society when parents hustle to the high school as a thunderstorm approaches to take junior’s car home in case it hails?

I would have prayed for the weather to total my high school car. No, wait. I guess I didn’t have a car until I was out of school. My dad let me drive his 1963 four-door Chevy, though.

Don’t you just love the American political system? Our former president created an environment that was morally polluted. Our new president seems to have no morals when it comes to environmental pollution. Should we not be concerned that he has rolled back arsenic standards in drinking water, for heaven’s sake?

How could the Kansas Legislature say “no” to tougher safety-belt laws, especially for children?

Isn’t “Remember the Titans” the best football film you’ve seen since “Rudy”?

Don’t you feel good that taxes aren’t due for another 11 months and 12 days?

Did anybody happen to catch Halstead’s own Dennis Latimore on ESPN last week? He took part in some sort of high school all-star game called the Roundball Classic in Chicago. It may have been the worst display of defense since Saddam Hussein’s forces tried to stop the Allies from retaking Iraq during the Gulf War. Both teams were in the 100-point neighborhood by the end of the third quarter.

Latimore hung in there with the best of them, scoring a convincing dunk just before halftime. He apparently didn’t understand the objective of the contest, however. The Arizona recruit actually passed the ball a few times rather than take the shot.

Dennis, what were you thinking?

Does anybody think the “Nancy” comic strip is funny?

Wouldn’t it be less of a public relations disaster for U.S. Postal Service administrators if they would just raise the price of a stamp to the amount actually needed and then leave it for a few years?

Every time the price goes up a penny or two, people get upset. Isn’t it better if people get really angry once in a great while rather than be mildly miffed all the time?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Just to prove to the opossum that it could actually be done?

If a singer sings, why doesn’t a finger fing?

Will this list of questions ever end?

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