City crews prepare for Cleanup Week tasks

The City of Hillsboro will sponsor its annual Cleanup Week April 23-27. City workers will pick up and remove most items for no charge.

Residents of Hillsboro are encouraged to place their discarded materials along the curb on Monday morning, April 23.

Because of the volume of materials to be picked up, city workers may not get around to removing the trash the day it is set out. Each household will be allowed only one collection during the week.

Anyone wanting to dispose of car or truck tires will need to register at city hall and pre-pay a fee of $2 per tire. The funds are forwarded to the state.

If someone wants to have an old refrigerator or air conditioner removed, the refrigerant will need to be drained first.

Residents are encouraged to put burnables such as tree limbs and bushes on a separate pile from other materials. They will be hauled away in a different truck.

No hazardous waste materials-including paint, oil and antifreeze- will be picked up.

For those wanting additional help with a clean-up project, the city will park a city truck at a residence over a weekend for no charge. Residents must sign-up for the truck.

The truck will be parked at the residence on Friday and the keys removed until a city worker picks it up on the following Monday morning.

The only items not to be thrown onto the truck are hazardous waste materials and tires.

Each Hillsboro residence can use the city truck for no charge once a year. A $38 fee will be assessed for each additional use to cover landfill fees.

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