Partly Nonsense

You may remember that when Kirby Rector’s purple martins left early last fall, it meant we would have an early frost. Well, it froze early.

One night last week I nearly backed over Kirby and Kathy as they walked past our house. I rolled down the window and apologized for the near mishap and we talked.

In the course of conversation Kirby said his purple martins were back, and even a day early. I asked what that meant. He said something to the effect that it meant nothing other than they were freezing their rear ends off.

* * *

I was reading a recent copy of the Mennonite Weekly Review and noticed a photo of the old web printing press that was used to print their paper each week.

Looking closer, I realized it must have been the old Goss Cox-O-Type press I ran in the summer of 1964 while working at the Herald Book and Printing Co. in Newton.

It was a great experience for me. I printed two Christian papers on that old letterpress: The Sword of the Lord and the Mennonite Weekly Review. If my memory is right, we ran 100,000 copies of the Sword and around 33,000 copies of the Review each week.

The offset presses we use today could run all of those copies in one day.

* * *

Can’t wait to get all of my junk that has accumulated in the garage through the winter and put it out at the curb during the city’s annual spring cleanup which is scheduled the last week of this month.

* * *

I know a lot of people have been tuned in to the Jackie Stiles phenomenon this past basketball season. She has accomplished remarkable feats on the basketball court, including a Final Four appearance with her teammates and becoming the women’s all-time scoring leader in the NCAA.

Her records did not come without tremendous personal sacrifice and dedication, though. She didn’t take a 1,000 shots a day…she made 1,000 shots per day.

If success is elusive, maybe a little more preparation is needed.

* * *

A sure-fire formula: The best way to make a fire with two sticks is to make sure one of them is a match. -Will Rogers

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