Bradens hope to meet needs with computer store

Hillsboro has a new computer store on East D Street.

Scott and Janell Braden say they have opened Braden’s Computers to meet area residents’ computer needs.

The store offers Intel Celaron, Pentiums, and AMD complete systems that range from 600 mhz to 1.5 ghz, but what Scott Braden really enjoys is helping people upgrade their current systems.

“We will offer the complete systems with processor, monitor, keyboards, speakers, and all-but I like to encourage people to upgrade what they already have,” Braden said. “They can save so much money and still have a good system.”

Braden said a mid-level upgrade, for example, would cost about $250, but a new system could cost several hundred up to $1,000.

“An upgrade will not only be faster for you, but the system will run much more efficiently,” Braden said. “Most software on the market now requires at least a 233 mhz processor, but a 333 mhz or higher is recommended.”

Braden also does consultation and repairs virus damage and other computer mishaps.

“I have seen an increase in computer viruses lately,” Braden said. “Be sure to have an anti-virus program updated and enabled.”

Braden said the viruses are being passed through attachments sent through e-mails.

He advises computer owners not to open any attachments unless they are sure where the e-mails have come from.

“If you don’t have to open it, don’t,” he said.

The little shop has access to more than 10,000 computer-related items, including CD ROM, cables, software, speakers, joysticks and other computer accessories.

“What we don’t have, we can have by the next working day,” he said.

The Bradens moved to Marion three years ago from the Loveland, Colo., area.

“It was growing by leaps and bounds,” Janell said of Loveland. “It was becoming so fast-paced there.”

Scott’s father had friends whose children were attending Tabor at Hillsboro.

“They would come down several times a year and talk about what a neat area this part of the country is,” Janell Braden said.

The Bradens said they enjoy the slower pace of life and the people in Marion County.

Several years ago, Scott bought a used computer that “crashed and burned” soon after it was taken home.

“I got my head into the books and found I really enjoyed conquering computers,” he said.

He received his A+ Certification from Front Range Community College in Colorado.

Braden said he will be offering computer classes later in the year.

Store hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday though Friday, and from 9 a.m. until noon on Saturday.

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