Partly Nonsense

KU is very good at basketball. After watching the loss to Illinois Friday night, I’d say they just aren’t very good at street fighting and free throws.

* * *

This census deal regarding Hillsboro’s population has me baffled, too. A simple drive around town will tell you there has to be more than a 100-person gain since 1990.

We could get this thing straightened out in one day. I’ll load up a few real estate agents and some old-timers in my van and drive every street in town. We’d pretty much have everyone counted right then and there.

Did I just say I’m an old fogie?

The other day, I drove into town on Indigo (Ash Street) and counted 33 people living in the houses along the east side of the street from the city limits to D Street. That’s an average of 2.33 people per house. We have about 1,000 houses in Hillsboro, so that makes 2,333 people. Add Parkside/Park Village, what we used to call Salem Apartments, all of the other apartments, and Tabor College and we’re way past 3,000.

* * *

We’re starting to see some pretty impressive numbers on our Free Press Web site. The animal rescue story that appeared in our March 14 issue was read 1,456 times in the first 10 days it appeared in our top stories. Dozens of readers from all over the world responded with comments.

Our on-line classifieds are linked to more than 1,500 on-line newspaper classified sections and are fully searchable within the entire system. For example, someone who is searching in the Hutchinson News on-line classified section will find ads in our section if they tell the search to go beyond 50 miles.

It starts to get exciting when the number of searches in our zip code for automobiles/

trucks reaches in the thousands each week.

* * *

Is everyone else having as hard a time as I am in remembering that our area code is now 620? When asked for my phone number, I always start with 316 before catching myself and correcting to 620.

Using the principles of association from my Dale Carnegie training for remembering names, try thinking of your phone receiver as a faucet that gushes water (H20) out of the ends of it every time you pick it up. The H20 stands for 620.

It cost $700 to get that training, but you can have it for free!

* * *

Want to start a business in Hillsboro? I’ve been hearing that many would like to have a fitness center available again. They miss it.

And so do I.

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