EDITORIAL: Amazing turnout

We were more than a little amazed when we arrived at Hillsboro Elementary School Saturday evening to take photographs at the fund-raising carnival planned by the HES Site Council. The lack of parking spaces in the vicinity should have tipped us off, but the full impact of this event didn’t hit until we entered the building-and discovered wall-to-wall people in the gymnasium and hallways. The turnout for this inaugural event was mind-boggling.

HES parents created around 18 booths where children of all ages could have a fun time-either playing the games or watching the youngsters who did. The faces of most children radiated enthusiasm and fun.

The event raised about $3,000 for classroom resources and for the school’s Accelerated Reader program. But the atmosphere of cooperation and commitment that pervaded the event was a significant payoff in itself.

Our hats are off to the site council for some great work invested in a great cause. The local business community, even in less than prosperous times, chipped in with giveaway gifts and contributions and deserves commendation, too.

Not only did you folks find a creative way to raise a few dollars, you gave us all an unexpected reminder that living in a close, committed community, where people rally behind good causes, is truly a privilege. -DR

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