Men and TV remotes get bad rap

I think most men take an unfair bad rap for their propensity to flip channels with the remote control.

For me, it’s like flipping through a magazine. You flip through the pages to see if anything catches your interest. And it doesn’t take long to determine if you want to keeping looking at one page.

With the television, you can also tell very quickly if you are interested in watching or not-maybe less than two seconds. That’s why everyone should have their own television and their own remote control.

You would never sit down with your wife or someone else to look at the same magazine, would you?


Fuel cells as a replacement for fossil fuels for powering automobiles, homes and as substitutes for batteries that run cell phones, radios, etc., are in the news more and more these days.

The key is making electricity with hydrogen. The information on fuel cells is not found so much in the mainstream media, but I have seen this subject discussed on some of the science and technology channels.

It intrigues me that the by-product of a fuel cell is water. I checked on the Internet and found a lot of information about fuel cells, which could be a source of power for the future.

I just wished I had paid closer attention in physics class and better understood some of the principles of science.


The other day I found out I eat twice as much salad dressing as Nancy does. As I was draining my bottle of Italian, she pointed out that her Ranch opened at the same time as mine was still half full.


The jelly and honey also disappear quickly when I’m eating zweibach. The right proportions are one big dab for every bite.


By the way, an easy way to find information on the Net is the site. Just ask a question about what you would like to know and it finds the answers.


Here are golf’s three ugliest words: Still your shot.

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