Ferrier proposes bottling plant in Florence

Ted Ferrier Jr. met with the Florence City Council Monday to find out if there was interest in starting a plant to bottle water from the city’s cold springs.

The plant could either draw water before it entered the city’s treatment system or after it was treated.

Ferrier also said he has met with city employees concerning Florence’s water usage, which is about 90,000 gallons of water per day. The amount of water produced by the cold springs during last year’s drought was about 1.4 million gallons per day. The current amount of water produced is about 6.6 million gallons per day.

The contract would be written to ensure that Florence’s water usage would never be at risk. The plant would also be built in an area where the heavy traffic of trucks would not ruin the cities streets.

Ferrier said if everything could be worked out for a long-term lease and all state health regulations could be met, the plant would initially employ six to 10 people. The number of employees could grow to 35 to 40.

Ferrier said the bottled-water industry has the highest growth rate in beverage sales. The council informed Ferrier that they would need to inform the leaseholder about any plans made.

Ferrier agreed to meet with the current leaser, the council and the cities attorney when a meeting could be arranged.

The council agreed to send the city clerk to a budget seminar in Salina April 18, a court clerk conference in Topeka April 19 and 20, and a budget review meeting in Wichita June 6.

Stuart Funk, city superintendent, submitted two bids for a new siren system. The council agreed to purchase a system that would allow only the siren downtown to ring at noon.

Howard Kahler, police chief, said two suspects from Missouri had been apprehended this weekend for trying to steal some anhydrous ammonia from the local cooperatives.

Kahler said during a traffic observation at the corner of Fifth and Main last week, he issued seven J-turn warnings, three stop-sign warnings and one stop-sign ticket.

The council opened the only bid for the spreader with trailer. The bid for $39.99 was accepted.

The council approved a plan to to finish clearing debris from the Cottonwood River bridge.

The council also approved putting in a through street form Circle Drive to First Street.

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