EDITORIAL: Another reminder

News of yet another school shooting in California last week drove home the point that ours is a dangerous age for children to grow up in. The senseless loss of life is disturbing… and yet it happens frequently enough in this country that the horror begins to pale.

We’d like to set aside the notion that such bursts of violence and anger could happen here in our rural setting. We trust and pray that it won’t. But the news from California reminds us that we must prepare for the possibility of such a tragedy happening here. We admit, it’s still hard to get used to the notion that intruder drills are part of the safety checklist at USD 410 schools. We’d like to think that it’s an overreaction to the attention the national media have given incidents like Columbine and now Santana high schools.

But, given the prevalence of violent weapons in our society and the notion planted in the heads of so many young people that violence is the best way to get back at the verbal abusers and bullies, we must consider the fact that it takes only one misguided young person to shatter our serenity and sense of security forever.

Ours is a tough world. We must prepare for it.

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