LETTERS: From experience: HCMC is a great community resource

During times of economic pressure, consumer demands and increased scrutiny, we can sometimes take a pejorative view of some of our community resources. Such has been the case regarding the view of many regarding the local hospital. I have now legitimate reason to express my view.

On the evening of Friday, Jan. 6, my wife and I returned home from an evening out. I began to experience pain and other symptoms warning us that there may be a problem with my heart.

My wife, who has more wisdom in these matters, encouraged me to “have it checked out.” Due to the intensity and persistence of the pain, it did not take a lot to convince me she was correct.

Within less than five minutes, I was in the emergency room of Hillsboro Community Medical Center. This brings me to the point of my letter.

As soon as I stated my situation, several staff converged upon me. From that moment on, I was taken care of in an efficient, professional and caring manner. Never once during that time did I feel neglected. At all times I felt I was being cared for by people who knew their job and how to do it.

In short, I believe I was given proper, professional, and timely treatment.

To follow this to it’s natural conclusion, I should say that I was transported the next day to the Kansas Heart Hospital and on Jan. 9, underwent successful triple heart by-pass surgery.

I was told that due to action taken at the outset, I had no damage to my heart. Now my process of lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, etc.) begins. It will take some more time for all the soreness to go away, but I am well on the road to recovery.

My main point is this: If this facility had not been in our home town, more than likely I would have tried to “tough it out,” ignore the wisdom of Dianne (my wife), and decided not to make the half-hour drive to Newton, or the longer drive to Wichita.

What would have been the result of that action? God alone knows.

From this side of the situation, I can say I am glad we have HCMC nice and handy. At best, I would have had a difficult and uneasy night. At worst, I could have experienced a heart attack with resultant damage of unknown proportions.

When I talk to the parents of prospective students for Tabor College, I generally try to talk about community resources, one of which is our medical assets. Now, I will have a more personal reason to affirm this asset to families.

I am thankful for the medical personnel and facilities we have available to us in Hillsboro. It is an asset to our community, let us not forget to appreciate this benefit.

Glenn Lygrisse


Emergency crews were

‘awesome’ at accident

I want to tell the county what an awesome sight I beheld last week. I happened to witness a car accident on U.S. Highway 56 between Lehigh and Hillsboro. An elderly woman ran into the back of a propane truck with her car.

It wasn’t the accident that left me speechless, but the response from the emergency crew that did. This was the first time I have ever witnessed anything of this magnitude.

While the truck driver and I waited for what seemed to be an eternity -in reality it was probably no more than seven or eight minutes-before the first sheriff’s officer was on the scene. Soon behind him was the Hillsboro Fire Department along with the ambulance and all the EMTs.

The driver of the truck and I stepped back and watched, not wanting to get in their way. It was awesome to watch those professionals go to work. They seemed to work in a rhythm where they didn’t have to tell each other what to do, they just did it. It was so amazing.

You are the greatest! Keep up the awesome work.

Lana Hauschel


Decide against Marion

being a trash dump

Aren’t you getting a little tired of all this confusion about having Marion County become a trash dump area?

Can’t we get it decided that we do not want this area to be known as a trash town? Other towns and counties have fought the issue in Kansas and made a good decision against it.

Don’t believe all the money that some in Marion say the city will receive. If that much money was available, then every small town that needed to boost its economy would be vying for a trash dump.

On a visit to Garden City, we stopped by the courthouse to talk with some of the local folks. They said the deal for a dump there was done so fast that most of the town did not even know it was going in.

We went to see some people who live in a beautiful Spanish-style home near the dump. They said that when it rained, the normal runoff would occur. Then, about three days later, brown slush oozed from the trash dump.

They also said the trash company sent employees along the road every day to pick up the trash that fell or blew off.

Their dump is not directly north of town as Marion’s would be. But it is an unsightly mess.

Except a few dedicated few, what are people in Marion doing to stop this mess? One young mother took a stand at a meeting and said that if her children were harmed, this town wouldn’t have enough money to compensate her. We need to think about the future.

Some people in Marion are proud of the town’s motto, “Best Place I’ve Seen.” That motto could be easily replaced with “Trashy Town,” and I’m sure none of us want that.

Signs on every highway that comes into Marion County tell folks to “Wake Up to Marion County.” Those signs should be changed to, “Wake Up, Marion County.” We must say no to letting our beautiful county be ruined.

Are you willing to get involved? It takes time, but you can save the little town where you plan to live the rest of your life.

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