DINING GUIDE: Jr Burgers, ice cream, and much more found at Edwards Dari Creme

Brad and Amanda Edwards, owners of Edwards Dari Creme in Peabody, say people still are coming in for ice cream-in spite of winter weather

“It is one of our best sellers,” said Brad Edwards. “And it is good.”

The Edwardses went the extra step to make it so.

“Amanda and I looked at several different mixes and decided it was worth the extra money to have the 4 percent butterfat ice cream available for people,” he said. “They seem to really like it.”

The Edwardses took over the business last November “against our better judgment.”

“We knew starting a new business that time of year wasn’t the best, but it has worked out very well,” Brad said.

Brad was formerly a line manager at Applebee’s in Newton; Amanda is a cosmetologist. They heard the old R&T Dari Creme was up for rent. The landlord happened to live across the street from them.

“This is something that we had talked about doing someday,” Brad said. “So we walked across the street to see what it would take to get started.”

Brad took vacation time from Applebee’s to contract supplies, choose a menu, and set up shop. He has since left Applebee’s and is working full time at Edwards Dari Creme.

Amanda is still a part-time cosmetologist, but invests a lot of hours at the Dari Creme.

“It has taken a lot more work than we realized,” Brad said. “But it’s all working out.”

The couple are proud to offer a small restaurant with no stairs to climb, no smoking, and a large selection of home-cooked items- plus the ice cream-to Peabody area residents.

“We serve a number of senior citizens who appreciate not having stairs to climb, and they like our junior burgers.”

Opening at 7 a.m., Tuesday through Saturday, they offer a full breakfast menu in addition to the luncheon menu. Lunch includes daily specials and a daily soup choice.

Fridays have become Mexican-food days and the Edwardses’ offer a variety of home-cooked entrees.

Brad said their tacos, with a quarter-pound of beef, was popular for $1.60. They also offer burritos, smothered sanchos, enchiladas and other Mexican favorites.

“We have changed several items that used to be available,” Brad said, “but we do not have any pre-made frozen foods.”

He said customers have asked that Mexican food be available throughout the week, but “it’s just too time consuming.”

On Saturdays, starting at 10:30 a.m., Dari Creme has barbecue specials: rib sides, polish sausage, and chicken dinners with sides for the big eaters.

For folks who fill up fast, two light dinners are available. The light rib dinner is a half-rib slab, eight ounces of beans, and bread for $4.50. A light chicken dinner is also offered.

On Sundays, Brad said they offer meals in addition to sandwiches.

“The biggest complaint we have had so far,” he said, “is that we serve too much. People ask how we can make any money with our large fries.”

The restaurant is closed Mondays, but open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. They are open Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“We have felt from the start that it was very important to have regular hours and to be here when we said we would be here,” he said. “People are seeing what we are doing, and they have been very good to us.”

The Edwardses hope to be open more hours in the spring and have special menu items and brown-bag specials for carry-out.

They also plan to offer a grilled teriyaki chicken dinner soon.

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