Partly Nonsense

We just got back from visiting our son, Dan, in Seattle for four days. On the ride to our neat, older, refurbished downtown hotel-which had the first restaurant in the city with a view-we passed by Boeing. Air Force One was parked outside.

We asked what they were doing to it. Dan said, “They’re putting in a barbecue pit for President Bush.”


As always, we had our fill of great seafood. And not the “see food and eat it” I have here.

We went down to the Pike Street Fish Market on the waterfront and ate lunch at a restaurant where they filmed Tom Hanks in the “Sleepless in Seattle” motion picture. Asking where Tom Hanks actually sat in the movie tips the locals off right away that the tourists are here.

We got a hold of a testy little waitress who couldn’t handle our questions about the food on the menu. When she talked, she started banging on the table as her impatience with us seemed to grow for no reason.

After she left, she didn’t come back and all of a sudden we had another waiter instead of her.

A little later we overhead two of the management types talking behind us. One of them said to the other: “I don’t know. It’s not my turn to watch her.”


Oh. Liking sushi must be an acquired taste.


The Associated Press story by Joel Mathis-a Hillsboro native now a reporter for the Lawrence Journal World-about the local newspaper competition in Hillsboro has really made the phone ring. If nothing else, I have heard from people I had lost track of through the years.

The most interesting call, though, came from someone in Kansas I didn’t know who wants us to come to their town and start a newspaper. It is flattering to be asked, but this is our home and this is where we will be focusing our efforts.


This may be a coincidence, but it’s another interesting side effect of our effort to publish legal notices. A bill has been introduced in the Kansas House that would change the number of years a legal paper had to be in operation from one to five. So far, no hearings have been held and no action has been taken.


For every problem science solves, it creates 10 new ones. -George Bernhard Shaw

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