Partly Nonsense

A big thanks is due to Ken Koslowsky for running his tractor and blade down the sidewalks uptown last Friday night. And to the city crew for coming through early Saturday to grade it all out of the gutters and to the middle of the street. Now it’s up to Old Sol to do the rest.

* * *

Our snow here never accumulates much from one snowfall to the next like it did in Mountain Lake when I was a kid. Many times the snow there was piled up high just off the streets from continuous grading.

In front of our house the snow was so high that the neighbor kids and I would tunnel in and down the street inside the piled-up snow. We even took it all the way to the corner from the middle of the block with exit holes every so often.

* * *

I am trying a new way to look thinner by combing my hair a little higher on my head. This will make me look taller and thus not as round.

Was the old beehive hairdo trying to accomplish the same thing?

* * *

Last Monday I had the feeling that I had suddenly gotten a lot fatter just over the weekend. Since it was the night of the Chamber of Commerce annual meeting, I thought I would get a jump on getting ready for the evening by wearing a white shirt to work and then all I had to do was put on the tie later.

I found out I was mistaken about the weight gain. I accidentally had put on one of those tapered shirts I had worn in my younger days.

* * *

Hang on to your wigs and keys, as they used to say at Coney Island.

The Hillsboro Booster Club is bringing the KU Barnstorming Tour back to Hillsboro on April 29 at Brown Gymnasium. This year’s senior class includes Eric Chenowith, Luke Axtell and Kenny Gregory.

Hillsboro outpulled some of the bigger towns that hosted the event last year and we’d like to show the world we can do even better this year.

According to Eddie Weber, the local event coordinator, the sale of advance ticket will be announced soon.

* * *

I see where Harry Siemens will be inducted into the Tabor Athletic Hall of Fame this spring. He probably never knew it, but he was my sports idol when I was in grade school just beginning to play sports.

He impressed me a lot with his athletic ability and was also a fun-loving, good guy. If I remember right, he was part of a relay team that held a Hillsboro High School record until recently.

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