LETTERS: For the record, more than ‘a few’ K-State fans were in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl

Thanks to Don Ratzlaff for his interesting story titled, “Purple Proud” (Jan. 3), about Hillsboro native Tim Wasemiller. I’ve known Tim since he was an active 4-H member and followed his football years at K-State.

My only problem with Don’s article is the first sentence: “A few thousand Kansas State football fans were in the stands on New Year’s Day to watch the Wildcats’ battle Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl in Dallas.”

I don’t know what Don’s definition of “a few thousand” is, but according to Webster, “few” is “not many more than one” (thousand in this case). I can guarantee you there were a lot more than one thousand fans at the game.

According to Powercat Illustrated magazine, “An estimated 35,000 K-State fans attended the game.” Purple Pride magazine reported, “An estimated 35,000 members of the purple nation rolled into Dallas.” And PI magazine wrote, “Coach Bill Snyder called the estimated 10,000 fans who braved the cold weather and heavy snow at the Dec. 31 outdoor pep rally ‘unbelievable.'”

Just wanted to set the record straight. Thanks for your great newspaper. We always look forward to receiving it each week.

Editor’s note: Point well taken. We intended to convey the relative size of the on-site fans to the many more of us watching the game at home. But you’re right, a following of 35,000 fans is indeed amazing.

To us, though, the more egregious error in the first sentence is “Sugar” Bowl instead of Cotton Bowl. We knew better, so chalk that one up to a momentary brain lapse. Or perhaps it was a Freudian reference to how sweet the outcome of the game was!

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