DINING OUT GUIDE: Subway an option for weight watchers and big eaters

Most folks don’t usually associate eating out with losing weight, but according to Chance Maynard, manager of Hillsboro’s Subway, that’s what some of Subway’s customers are choosing to do.

“We have several customers who are working with the Jared Plan,” Maynard said.

Jared, a young man Subway introduced to the public about a year ago, lost 245 pounds by eating two Subway sandwiches a day, and he’s been able to maintain that weight loss.

Jared’s plan of eating and exercise has inspired others to try his program, which is now available in Hillsboro.

Maynard said a brochure outlines Jared’s plan and the types of sandwiches he eats for weight loss and maintainence.

“We offer a selection of seven sub sandwiches which are under six grams of fat,” Maynard said. “That’s the type of sandwich Jared ate for his weight loss.”

Besides the sandwiches, Subway also carries 17 low-fat menu items, including a variety of fresh vegetables and light mayonnaise, used in tuna and seafood. According to Maynard, the light mayo is more than 50 percent lower in calories and fat than regular mayonnaise.

Subway also carries a variety of low-fat seasonings and low-fat snack chips to go with the sandwich and fat-free salad dressings used on subs or on salads.

But for those who aren’t so concerned with waistlines, “other” kinds of sub sandwiches are available, too.

“I sell at least 50 six-inch Steak and Cheese subs a day,” Maynard said. “They are, by far, the best seller I have.”

Steak and Cheese subs are usually prepared with onion and green peppers. Maynard said all the sandwiches are custom made as customers watch.

Prices range in the shop from a six-inch meatball sub, chips and small drink for $3.49 and on up the scale.

“Our average customer pays between $5 and $6 for a meal deal,” he said.

Children packs are also available with $2.33 for a deli sandwich, cookie, small drink and a toy. The children can have their sandwich custom-made as well. Crab meat requires an extra charge.

“We have five breads to choose from,” Maynard said. “And if you don’t care for breads, we have tortilla wraps and round deli buns.”

Breads offered are white or wheat breads rolled in various seasonings and grains. Parmasean oregano, a hearty Italian and harvest wheat are included on the list.

Subway offers a number of sauces for sandwiches or salads, such as Southwest, Ranch, Horseradish, and Honey-mustard.

“Our best-selling sauce is the Asiago Caesar,” Maynard said. “It is sort of like a cheesey ranch. Women particularly seem to like it best.”

Subway will be promoting a different sauce and its possible uses each month in the coming year, Maynard said.

Besides the dining-in option, which Maynard says includes quick service and a comfortable climate of 72 degrees year round, there also are carry-out options.

“Besides regular carry-out, we have party-type choices available, too,” Maynard said. “I wish I could deliver, but the company doesn’t allow that right now because of insurance prices.”

The party options include five-foot subs at $10 per foot. Maynard said these sell well for New Year’s and Super Bowl parties and other special events throughout the year.

“The subs are five feet long and we cut them into three sections,” he said. “When I managed the McPherson shop, I had an order for a 25-foot sub. That was the longest one I have ever done.”

Subway requires 24-hour notice for these special sandwiches.

Cookie platters and chip platters are also choices for the party planner.

“All the employees make the cookies a little differently, but I can say I make the best cookies in the world,” Maynard said, noting the importance of baking them at just the right temperature and time.

Maynard said the home office takes responsibility for national advertising and does not allow the individual stores to advertise locally. But stores are allowed to participate in special local functions.

“We participate as much as we can locally,” Maynard said, “and I keep in touch with the Chamber for those special events.

“For Halloween we gave away cookies, and at Christmas two six-foot stockings filled with toys and treats.”

Dustin Plenert, Hillsboro, and Toni Gordon, Marion, were the two winners of this year’s Christmas stocking drawing.

Maynard said the store also sponsors a weekly drawing to give away a six-inch sub, and once a month a drawing is held for a free meal deal.

Maynard said whatever the taste or whatever the age of the diner, Subway has something good to offer.

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