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The new year is upon us and it will bring many changes for all of us.

Winston Churchill said, “Take change by the hand or it will take you by the throat.”

What changes will you take by the hand in your farming operation in the coming year? Changes can be large or small. Will you change by keeping better records? Trying a new crop or farm enterprise?

Will you change cropping systems and try more conservation tillage? Will you try new risk-management tools such as crop insurance, options and hedges?

Will you utilize more research based information when making farming decisions? Buying a new bull? Trying a different breed of cattle? Entering a steer futurity? Promoting agriculture more?

Changes in our farming business should be done after careful consideration and looking at all the facts. Agriculture is undergoing big changes in the structure of agriculture, use of genetically modified crops, emphasis on quality assurance, producing products for the consumer, alliances, cropping systems and in many other ways.

Producers need to be open to change. Doing it the same old way may not be good enough in the future.

I would encourage all producers to take change by the hand and not let it take you by the throat.

You have an important role to play in our society, economy, nation and the world. Be innovative, progressive and willing to change if it will be beneficial to your farming business.

K-State Research and Extension is also changing to keep up and stay ahead of the changing times in agriculture, our families and in our communities.

I would invite all the residents of Marion County to utilize this valuable resource.

I will be having many changes take place in my life in the coming year. I am looking forward to them. I truly appreciate the honor of being able to serve you as an extension agent.

The people of Marion County are great people.

Best wishes to all for a prosperous and happy 2001.

n Account books available for farm and home record keeping

Modern farming is a business and requires business methods. Complete and accurate farm records when carefully studied will help the farm manager know the facts about their business and will be an aid in making future business decisions.

The Kansas Farm Account Book available from the K-State Research and Extension-Marion County Office contains pages for receipts, expenses, inventories, crop production, livestock breeding and production records, farm business analysis and tax information. Cost of the book is $2.50 to 3.

This account book, when properly kept and analyzed, will provide information needed to tell how profitable your business has been and why. It will also help you discover where changes are needed so you can proceed with confidence to make them.

Just as records are important for farming businesses, they can also be very important for families. The home account book provides a tool for recording income and expenses for families. It is a valuable tool in financial management for the family. The cost is $2.50 to 3.

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