Tabor’s Reimer Field ‘crowned’ for a long rain

Tabor’s Reimer Field experienced a crowning achievement recently, thanks to the involvement of a host of community volunteers.

The football field took an extra beating this fall with significant rainfall occurring several times prior to high school and college games. The field was so torn that parts required tilling and replanting.

For several years, Vince Schroeder, a member of the maintenance staff at Tabor and keeper of the field, has been suggesting that the field be recrowned.

Crowning would help water run off faster and the field would stay in better shape. This year Schroeder received permission to proceed with the project.

He began making calls to find dirt that could be purchased for the project. He was directed to several farmers who had dug ponds in the past couple of years.

Gerald Jost graciously donated the dirt and Marlin Bartel contributed the manure to fertilize it.

Eighty-nine truckloads of dirt and manure were hauled in by members of the Hillsboro community.

Those participating were Dean Hein, Cal Jost, Gerald Jost, Harold Kasper, Paul Penner, Marvin Ratzlaff, Arlyss Schroeder and Don Suderman.

“I am very happy to see the field being recrowned,” said Tim McCarty, tabor’s head football coach. “It is another step in upgrading our facilities. Thanks to the administrators for their support in this project and the volunteers who gave of their time, energy, and resources.”

The field will be replanted in the spring with Bermuda grass and USD 410 maintenance workers will help prepare the field for next fall.

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