Partly Nonsense

With the Christmas season upon us, it almost seems idiotic that one guy who plays baseball can be offered a 10-year deal worth $252 million. What ever happened to playing for the love of the game?

Something is very wrong with this picture when you think about the many people who have so little.

* * *

Has anyone else wondered whatever happened to the Turtle Top Company that used to be operating in Hillsboro. I wonder if its van-conversion business continues somewhere.

* * *

We’re really looking forward to two weekends in a row with two days off in a row at the Free Press.

Don and I are thankful for the wonderful people we have helping us each and every week in our little company here on South Main Street.

* * *

You don’t hear the words “pet peeve” very often anymore, but I have one that comes to mind many times. When I see double spaces between sentences on documents produced on a computer, I go crazy.

The extra space used to be necessary when the typewriters gave the same space value for every letter whether it was skinny or fat.

With proportional letters on the computer the letters are no longer equal value in width, therefore the need to double space is no longer necessary.

I’d bet the unnecessary extra spaces used every day all over the world could fill up the Grand Canyon.

* * *

It used to be grease and ball bearings that made the world go round. Now it’s all digital.

* * *

Another wish for this Christmas is simply an end to the hate and violence that raises its head in our country and across the globe.

* * *

I was told that when I was a little boy my response to every present I received was, “That’s just what I always wanted!” Was it innocence or just a ploy to keep them coming? I don’t know because I don’t remember saying it.

May your Christmas be perfect and may you receive just what you always wanted.

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