EDITORIAL: Down for the count

It wasn’t quite a “Dewey Defeats Truman” editorial gaffe, but we too were fooled by the results of last week’s presidential election. Our suggestion that the public would know by Wednesday afternoon who the next president would be seemed safe enough. The prospect of a delayed decision seemed far-fetched. It had never happened before in U.S. history.

Now it has happened. No one in America really knows how this presidential election will come out-or how long it will take for us to find out. Estimates range from another or so to Dec. 18, when the Electoral College is scheduled to cast the actual vote for president.

We hope a decision is reached much sooner. The initial thrill of an undetermined election was exciting, but as the debate and the rhetoric wear on and on, and as the campaigns of both parties maneuver in the courts for an advantage, this unsettled election is becoming more and more unsettling to watch.

To this point, we believe no irreparable damage has been done to the country. But the longer the process in Florida-and perhaps other states now, too- is drawn out, the more difficult it will be for the winner to govern under the goodwill and confidence of the citizenry.

We’ve had enough of “history in the making.” We’re ready to make a future with a new president, whomever he may be.

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