Partly Nonsense

Have you noticed that when a pain develops in a tooth on one side of your mouth, you realize you have a favorite side to chew on and it becomes awkward to switch to the other side?

* * *

When I think something bad-or less than I want-might happen, I try to use reverse psychology on myself.

I think of the worst thing that could happen, and then, when everything plays out, it usually isn’t as bad as I thought in the first place and I feel better about it.

This works when the situation is out of my control.

But when the situation is something I have some control over, this mechanism is really useless. It is just a matter of doing what has to be done without getting involved in mental games.

* * *

If there ever was a time for a mild winter, this is it. Sweaters, mittens and lowered thermostats will be back in vogue for sure with projections of double and triple fuel bills on the horizon.

* * *

When I think of cold weather and winter, my growing-up days in Minnesota always come to mind.

The only house I lived in while in Mountain Lake had a coal-burning furnace. I remember the guy bringing coal and shoveling it down the coal chute into the basement. Once in a while, my dad would let me shovel a little into the fiery inferno in the furnace.

When you’re a second grader, the activity is fun and not work. I can’t remember at what age work that used to be fun isn’t fun anymore.

* * *

Sunday morning I thought I saw muffins in the cookie jar, but they looked too flat to be muffins. Upon a closer inspection, they were cookies.

* * *

Most everyone may have heard about the e-mail hoax regarding the voting schedule for this year’s election. Purportedly, due to a higher than expected turnout for voters this year, Republicans were supposed to vote on Tuesday and Democrats on Wednesday. Hope you went to the polls on Tuesday!

* * *

We always look for new out-of-the-way places to eat but never expected we would be eating at the Outwest Steakhouse at Cheney Reservoir last Saturday night.

Some friends coaxed us out there after our business was finished and we had a great dining experience after the initial entry to the place.

It was the kind of place where everyone stops what they’re doing when you walk in. They give you the once over and then everything gets back to normal.

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