EDITORIAL: A record of growth

We congratulate Tabor College on its record fall enrollment. The school reported recently that its head count for this semester officially stands at 586 students. That’s nearly 30 more than the previous record of 558 in 1974.

You could argue that the comparisons aren’t the same. In 1974, Tabor only had students on a Hillsboro campus. Today, Tabor counts the non-traditional students enrolled in its Tabor-Wichita program, a couple dozen who connect through Trinity Academy in Wichita, and the 14 students who have enrolled in Tabor’s new master’s program in education.

You’d have a point. Enrollment on the Hillsboro campus this fall is 435-that’s higher than a year ago, but still significantly below the 558 students who enrolled in 1974. But we say while these enrollment figures may not compare apples and apples, they do say something important-and worth affirming-about Tabor. Namely, the school has shown creativity and flexibility to make itself attractive in a tremendously competitive and changing market and has found ways to enlarge a potential student pool that is much smaller than it was 26 years ago.

All that said, we admit that we like the increase of students college reports on the local Hillsboro campus. To us they will always be the “real” Tabor College students because of their proximity to us, plus their involvement in our lives and ours in theirs.

Congratulations, Tabor. Keep up the good work, and may your tribe increase.

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